DETALECO is your best choice ...

All equipment powered by Detaleco produced in a reason you can be proud of it for ages. Trademark Detaleco was born in 2008. That time the world market of raw materials and products have already been captured many years ago by large companies. What could offer a new company? What should do to make brand popular? It’s simple! At the quality, affordability, innovation, convenience and creative ideas which are implemented in new products for new market of sports cameras, video recorders and action cameras. An important point: if reality does not match stated values, company would not survive for a long time, it is obviously. All these years Company has consistently adhered to its philosophy with vision: to create quality, but affordable products. This is reflected in many aspects.

Company based on Detaleco Russia, French company Camsports, British company DogCam and Australian company MiCamcorder, as a result you can find modern sports video recorders and action cameras on the market. The successful work of this Quartet always will be on the wave of technological progress and produce the most advanced technological innovations in the world for extreme sports and everyday life.

The basis for success - quality control. Company has no shortage of professionals. Committed in development, disclosure experience and realize potential of stuff - directly helps Company to grow.

Fundamentally, the quality control department is located in the same place and the main production. Any questions related to the production, any identified moments are solve at the same place as soon as possible. This rule is strictly fulfilled for all product under brand Detaleco, MiCamcorder and Camsports. It does not matter where is production - in Australia, Taiwan, China, Russia or any other country in the world, it will work strictly in accordance with international standards and more strict internal standards of the Company.


Trademark Detaleco is the best choice for auto, motorcycle, bicycle, action and sports cameras (DVRs). Now there are available many accessories, car mounts for the cameras, car power supplies, mounting on bicycles, motorcycles and even a special accessory for underwater photography and video capture. All product line is fully conformed to current standards and market requirements.

DETALECO in Russia

Recently, more and more often on Russian market there are products of poor quality, produced with minimum of presentable and reluctance to use them, even after the purchase. The Russian consumer, choosing their equipment for sports, hunting, tourism, of course, deserves more. That is why products under brand Detaleco, MiCamcorder and Camsports become popular in Russia, already be popular abroad. The choice of modern European consumers will never stop for inferior product. The case that on market comes quality and affordable video recording products for cars, motor racing, cycling, motorcycling, skiing and sports, evoked big interest among tired consumers using low quality and fully Chinese goods.

DETALECO came to Russia with the first sports action cameras and DVRs with HD and FULL HD resolution with affordable price. That is why the action cameras DETALECO, MiCamcorder and Camsports quickly found a buyer. Product should be high quality and designed for continuous use for as long times as it is necessary - this is one of the main our trademarks rules. The main feature of the regiona policy of trademark is to adapt technology to the conditions of Russia. Electronics specially prepared for use in Russia. All products have Russian menu and extended operating temperature range. Mainly considered convenience and operating characteristics of devices in Russia From Company who sell and support equipment also depends a lot. That is why, based on strong service support, stuff training and flexible, controlled pricing policies of regional representatives - important components of DETALECO philosophy.

DETALECO continues grow, opening new horizons of their consumers quality of life, comfort and well-being. There are new categories of products made consumer’s life much easier and beautiful. Day by day we work on improving and upgrading electronics. Results of it you can find in our products. All equipment powered by Detaleco produced in a reason you can be proud of it for ages.